Job Opportunities in Amazon Austria

Job Opportunities in Amazon Austria

Center Associate

You will be part of the dedicated Amazon team that is the first stop on the journey from the warehouse. Our fast-paced active roles take place in the triage centre. She will sort, scan and stack packages on pallets, and help prepare customer orders for delivery. This role gives you control over your schedule because you choose the shifts that now suit you best and have the ability to adjust your schedule

Delivery Station Associate

You’ll be part of Amazon’s dedicated team at the delivery station – the last stop before delivering smiles to customers. Our fast-paced physical roles receive trucks full of orders and then get them ready for delivery. You will load conveyor belts, conveyance and delivery stage to be received by drivers. You may be part of a team that has been trained to use technology to handle heavy bulk items such as large screen TVs, furniture and appliances.

XL Warehouse Assistant

You’ll be part of the Amazon XL Warehouse team that deals with the big things – unique customer orders over 50 pounds: big screen TVs, furniture, appliances, and more. You will be trained on how to use technology to handle these heavy bulk items. Even if you weren’t a “hard” player before, this won’t stop you from gaining valuable work experience because – depending on the location – you may be trained to be a heavy equipment operator, using industrial-powered trucks (PIT) as a forklift or pallet driver. . Many shifts will have you on top of our power equipment processing orders for customers, but other times you’ll be on the warehouse floor at fulfillment centers, sorting centers or delivery stations working with your teammates, dealing with that hands-on experience. Items that need expert processing before being sent along the delivery route.

Grocery warehouse assistant

You will be part of the Amazon warehouse team that supports one of Amazon’s busiest services: online grocery orders. You will work in a Grocery Distribution Center – a large warehouse that acts as a grocery pickup and shipment center that stores all locations where our teams prepare online orders for our customers.

New Amazon Grocery Assistant

You will be part of the Amazon Grocery team that supports one of Amazon’s busiest services: online grocery orders. It’s similar to the role of a shopper, except that you’ll be working in a grocery store, but it’s not like other large buildings – it’s more like the size of a grocery store. Amazon Fresh offers customers everything from cereal to ice cream to fresh flowers, so you’ll prepare orders for customers, and work in different environments — including refrigerating and freezing places for part of your shift. It can get cold, but we’ll get you the right gear to keep you warm!

Amazon DSP Delivery Assistant

Working as a driver with our delivery service partners, you can expect:

• Full time schedule, working 40 hours per week

• Full benefits and competitive wages

• You are provided with a delivery vehicle, so you do not need to use your own vehicle

• 4/10 scheduling available (four days, 10 hours each)

• Opportunity to work overtime

• Opportunity for promotion

Amazon Stores

Appointment of managers and assistants for physical stores

Amazon Fresh is a modern grocery store, uniquely designed to offer a seamless shopping experience, where customers can shop in-store or online.

In Amazon Go stores, there are no lines and no checkout. With Just Walk Out Shopping, customers use the Amazon Go app and walk out!

Amazon Kitchen is a food manufacturing facility that provides fresh, high-quality food to Amazon-owned grocery stores.

Amazon Style is the first Amazon physical store to offer men’s and women’s clothing, shoes, and accessories.

Amazon Pharmacy

It uses design, service, and technology to change the way people get their medicines.

Amazon Pharmacy improves pharmacy – because getting the medication you need should be simple. This means no waiting in checkout lines. Don’t wonder when your prescription will be ready. There are no hidden fees, whatsoever. Only your medicines, delivered to your door. It’s really that simple.

While the experience is magical, it is not magical. All of this happens thanks to the hard work of talented product managers, designers, marketing managers, software developers, quality assurance engineers, and more. We are always on the lookout for customer-obsessed leaders who want to be part of an exciting and innovative team at Amazon. You will have the opportunity to make a tangible impact both on the company as well as on the quality of life of customers

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