How to get free furniture and clothes in Austria

How to get free furniture and clothes in Austria

Everything is free: in the “Kostnix” store, everything is free. The store can be viewed from SAT.1 TV. Watch here.


Going shopping without paying anything? This sounds too good to be true

These stores offer things that cost nothing. So you go shopping with almost no cash. You can also take whatever you want with you without any obligation to give anything in return.

Shops rely on donations to pay rent and fixed costs.

You can find a list of these stores at You can find out more about Kostnix and everything it has to offer in the blog “Shopping for free?


KostNix: Take what you need, give what you can!

 In the Kostnix store you can “shop” without money. You can come and take anything you may need with you, without having to give anything in return. Of course, the Kostnix store is a storeroom for things that are given away and distributed free of charge. The “scope” includes everyday items, including books, clothing, shoes, sound transmitters, films, small electrical appliances, crockery, other household items, and more. Books, dress, shoes, jewelry, toys, sporting goods, DVDs, and CDs, computer, electrical appliances, dishes, household items, and kitchen utensils.

Bicycle and child seat accessories

Find out more here

Free Furniture – Find Furniture for Free

free clothes

Find what you’re looking for. has the information you need. Find furniture for free. Visit and search for instant results now, more information here

Best free furniture set in Vienna near you Furniture set from here

Free furniture

Free furniture can be obtained from Facebook, Free stuff in Vienna, Austria | Facebook Market Find things for free in Vienna, Austria on Facebook Marketplace. Free furniture, electronics and more are available for local pickup from the following location here

Buying used furniture at a low price?

Buying used furniture is a great way to get new furniture to spruce up your home it’s not quite the same as buying new, after all. Here are some important considerations to keep in mind as you begin your search for used furniture.

Is used furniture safe? Yes, especially when you can wipe it down and clean it easily, like an all-wood cabinet or a metal and glass dining table.

It may be best to avoid all types of upholstered furniture with heavy use,

What the piece is made of, and the importance of who made it. Take a look for yourself whenever you can. This gives you the opportunity to sit in a piece or use it in some other way to determine how comfortable you will be and whether you will be able to enjoy it. This is something you can’t judge just by looking at the picture.

It is important that all these things are functional and in good condition (textiles are also washed).

For more information, here

Buying used furniture at a low price

Variety of goods and services

You will find a wide range of second hand and service facilities. The assortment ranges from clothing and furnishings to antiques and household goods to transportation and repair services for your bike and varies in each federal state.

Every purchase and every donation supports Caritas assistance projects, such as the free distribution of clothing to women and men in need. Some Carla also offers women and men who have been unemployed for long periods of time a temporary job, qualifications and support when they return to a new job.

A variety of used goods and purposes from here

How to get free stuff

As a student, you usually only have a small budget at your disposal. You don’t always need money to go shopping here are ways to find free stuff

 – Will and a little patience pays off If you set the price in the search filter to 0 or click “Free”, Willhaben will only show you the free stuff. You can either search for specific items or browse a bit in the “Ads near me” category.

– Facebook groups

There are separate groups on Facebook where things are given away. It’s perfect for a little commuting. Users post pictures of things they no longer need and write in which area things can be found. If you are interested, write to the user a private message and indicate the place and time of collection.

For more information, here

free metlass

Furniture rental in Austria

It is also possible to rent furniture for a limited time in Austria from private companies

Simply rent our high-quality furniture in Austria and take 5 minutes to set up your new home or office completely online

Are you moving to Austria for business or leisure or do you need a furnished apartment? You rarely find furnished apartments and houses in Austria, and if they are, most of them are at unaffordable prices. The perfect solution for you. You just rent a normal apartment in Austria and rent the furniture. You find various packages for a rental period ranging from 4 weeks to 3 years. You’ll find all the furniture for every room at Lyght Living.

Furniture rental in Austria is easy, affordable, and convenient. Whether you need furniture for your new home or office

Select the rental period

You will find the monthly rental price. Leasing is always more flexible and cheaper than buying.

High quality at great prices.

Furniture can be rented according to your request from here

free furniture

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