Job opportunities in Austria distributing newspapers

 Job opportunities in Austria distributing newspapers

Do you want to earn money before others get out of bed? Be a newspaper holder!

Earn good money within a few hours and while still being calm, peaceful and stress free. With a guaranteed income based on your performance and motivation.

Newspaper holder! Be the master of yourself!

As a newspaper carrier, you have a secure side job. Simply work a few hours in the morning, deliver newspapers and other printed products to your subscribers, and you can spend the rest of the day doing whatever you want to do. During the day, you have more time for your family, for studies, or just for your hobbies.

This job is suitable for:

Working retirees wishing to complete their retirement pension.

Students who are looking for a profitable side business income.

People who are looking for work and want to be employed again.

And of course, everyone who is looking for an opportunity to earn extra money through freelancing!

Select the state in which you want to be a newspaper carrier, and find out the free, no-obligation information.

In meine-zeitungszusteller. Many companies from all over Austria come together that specialize in providing newspapers and other printed products:

The site can be accessed from here

What does a A newspaper delivery do

A newspaper delivery clerk is an individual who brings the daily newspaper to customers either by cycling or driving. People in this role have the opportunity to work individually and early in the morning, so if that sounds curious to you, consider the job as a newspaper conductor.

A newspaper conductor is an individual who distributes local or national newspapers to customers using a designated route. These professionals can work for independent contractors or large commercial companies using their personal vehicles or bicycles. Here are some steps you can take to pursue a career

1. Earn education

Often, organizations may require their senders to have a high school diploma.

2. Gaining experience or training

If you choose to earn a high school diploma, you may find it helpful to gain other work experience. The type of work experience you have may vary depending on your age.

3. Obtaining a valid driver’s license and insurance. Organizations may require you to have a valid driver’s license and vehicle insurance and you can perform this role with a bicycle, but you can also use your vehicle to complete your route

4. Create a CV When applying for jobs, organizations often ask professionals to send in a resume

The most important newspapers in Austria

• Badener Zeitung

• Burgenland oesterreich ORF

• Der Grazer

• Der Kurier

• Der Standard

• Die Bezirksblatter online

• Die Presse

• Filter

• Heute

• Hrvatske Novine

• Kleine Zeitung

• Kärnten Oesterreich ORF

• Kitzbuheler Anzeiger

• Liezener Bezirksnachrichten

• Neue BVZ

• Neue Kärntner Tageszeitung

• Neue Kronen Zeitung

• Neue Vorarlberger Tageszeitung

• Neues Volksblatt

• Niederösterreich – Oesterreich ORF

• NÖN Online

• Oberosterreichische Nachrichten

• Oberösterreich – Oesterreich ORF

• Osterreich

• Osttiroler Bote

• Salzburger Fenster

• Salzburger Nachrichten

• Salzburg – Oesterreich ORF

• Steiermark – Oesterreich ORF

• Sud Ost Journal

• Tirol – Oesterreich ORF

• Tiroler Tageszeitung

• Vorarlberg – Oesterreich ORF

• Vorarlberg Online

• Vorarlberger Nachrichten

• Wien – Oesterreich ORF

• Wiener Bezirks Blatt

• Wiener Zeitung

• Wirtschafts Blatt

• Yeni Nesil

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