Learn to drive a car to get a driver’s license, driving tests around the world

Learn to drive a car to get a driver’s license, driving tests around the world

Learn to drive in the most fun and free way and get your license!

Traffic lights and driving lessons made easy! Thanks to Driver Simulator Academy

You have the best driving simulator, you need to drive a car and follow the road signs. Don’t turn in the wrong direction, follow the signal, put on your seat belt!

It’s time to experience real-life driving lessons! With 80 unique traffic signs, including big tests and night driving.

Drive 135 different cars: drive at different levels and learn a lot.

Night Driving: Provides you with a realistic night driving experience. Many people are afraid of driving at night, and it’s a perfect, risk-free exercise!

Experience the fun of driving: With 135 different cars around the world, you can choose your favorite car and go for a ride. With realistic driving mechanics and controls, you will feel like you are actually driving! Require full compliance with traffic rules. The most realistic sports car is waiting for you to travel around the world. The best car driving simulator. is a new driving simulator that will teach you to drive different cars in the most realistic city driving simulator! Drive many different vehicles, SUVs and sports cars in different environments like cities, country roads, highways, mountains, etc. to test your driving skills and find a driving experience that suits you best. Here you can get your driver’s license. You can learn how to drive by hand while changing the clutch. Download the app for free here

For a while, computer education was important before you started using real wheels, and Driving for Beginners provided tips on how to walk on the street and what laws to follow to pass them. the test. guidance. Or to prepare for your driver’s license test, currently there are 3D game programs that can teach you how to drive from scratch. You can learn from the remaining lines.

For those who intend to drive, having a driver’s license is important, as driving without a driver’s license is not permitted. Some people will find it difficult to drive for the first time as it will cause stress, risk of accidents and fear even with a private driving school

So we found for you a better application that looks like a game that works on your phone, which is to learn driving methods that very much simulate reality, because there is a whole city with traffic safety signs that you must follow the principles to start using this application to learn. Download the app here

Driving tests around the world

With driving test passing rates declining year after year, Zuto analyzed more than 190 countries to find out how practical and theory tests differ around the world, and which countries have the easiest and hardest tests.

Besides, we discovered the cheapest and most expensive exams, the longest and most difficult theory exams, the medical requirements, and finally, a selection of the most exotic requirements from around the world.

15 countries around the world including Norway, Hungary and Austria have mandatory first aid training for learner drivers.

Eye exams are mandatory in 16 countries with places like Thailand testing for color blindness and peripheral vision.

Easiest exams to pass: Egypt, Filipinos, Uganda, Mexico, Colombia, India, South Sudan, Burundi, Indonesia, Honduras

The hardest exams to pass

Japan: Learners in Japan are expected to attend a mandatory 26-hour driving camp

China: In China, the theory test has 100 questions and requires you to memorize 1,000 questions in total. Then there are two separate practical assessments, followed by a final theory test.

Croatia: New drivers in Croatia must attend 70-100 hours of mandatory driving school before attempting the test. Your personality type and fitness to drive are also assessed.

Montenegro: In their practical test, learners are only allowed to make three mistakes before failing. Before obtaining a license, you must also be examined by an ophthalmologist and a psychiatrist.

Ukraine: Learners who take their practical test in Ukraine are allowed to make only two mistakes before they fail outright.

Australia: Learners are required to register 120 hours of experience with an instructor before they can take their final practical exam.

Singapore: Here you must pass two extensive theory exams before you can apply for the practical exam. Each test contains 50 questions and takes 50 minutes to complete.

France: French learner drivers are required to log 3,000 km behind the wheel with an instructor before they can book a practical test.

Russia: The Russia theory test allows for only one error out of 20 multiple-choice questions. There are also two separate practical tests; A driving course with obstacles and an exam on the road.

Vietnam: The theory test in Vietnam is 450 questions long!

United Kingdom:, Figures from GOV.UK show a drop in pass rates, most dramatically in the theory test, with the current pass rate at 47.1%

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