Job opportunities in pharmaceutical warehouses in Austria

Job opportunities in pharmaceutical warehouses in Austria

Pharmaceutical store manager required, MHA Müller HandelsgmbH

full time

From 1,896 € per month

More than just a job.

Pharmaceutical store manager

your qualifications

* Completed his training in the field of medicine or in the retail trade.

* Experience in a pharmacy or health and wellness sector.

* Direct service and have fun with customer contact.

* Organizational skills and team spirit.

* Prepare to work on Saturday.

your tasks

* Providing and maintaining a diverse assortment.

* Success oriented commitment and sales responsibility.

* Sales and personal customer service in the pharmacy sector.

* Managing employees in a competent and motivating manner.

we offer

* Crisis-resistant workplace.

* Discount shopping for employees.

* Needs-based training.

* The collectively agreed minimum gross salary of €1,896.00 per month (full-time).

* Attractive overpayment according to experience and qualifications.

Type of the job.

full time

contact person.

Mrs. Catherine Blaukovich

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Pharmaceutical factories and companies in Austria

Pharmaceutical companies in Austria have one of the innovative markets globally and Austria also has the highest per capita spending on medicines worldwide.

The Austrian economy was positively affected by the presence of these pharmaceutical companies. Although there are challenges facing these companies, they still care about quality in terms of production, research, distribution and development of effective pharmaceutical products for local and global use.

Pharmaceutical companies in Austria have several regulations in place that guarantee the production of pharmaceutical products of the highest quality.

These regulations mostly come from the governing bodies of the European Union as a member of the European Union.

Amidst many regulations, pharmaceutical companies in Austria have one of the best favorable environments for the marketing of pharmaceutical products globally.

The availability of airports and functional road infrastructure makes Austria a great place for distributing pharmaceutical products.

Pharmaceutical products in Austria

There are more than 220 pharmaceutical companies in Austria with more than 30,000 jobs created in the pharmaceutical industry.

More than 10 billion US dollars are generated by these companies annually making the health sector of the country one of the amazing sectors that make a significant contribution to the economy.

There are more than 300 pharmaceutical companies in Austria, focusing on different areas of the pharmaceutical industry.

There are many multinational pharmaceutical companies in Austria

, a non-pharmacist can own a pharmaceutical company in Austria; However, you must comply with the rules and regulations and also obtain all necessary credentials and licenses before you can operate as a pharmaceutical company in Austria

The most important pharmaceutical companies in Austria


This is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Austria focused on cancer treatment. It was listed on the NASDAQ after the business merger with Spring Bank Pharmaceuticals.


Using proprietary genetic technology to identify host factors, Haplogen is building a pipeline of therapeutic programs in the field of virus-induced diseases.

Address: Campus Vienna Biocenter 3 1030 Vienna, Austria

Tel: +43-1-9165522 Fax -16

HOOKIPA Pharma Inc. is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company that is developing a new class of immunotherapies based on an arenavirus platform designed to reprogram the body’s immune system.

Address: Helmut-Qualtinger-Gasse 2, 1030 Wien, Austria

Phone: +43 1 8906360


Horizon Discovery

Horizon Discovery is leading the application of gene editing and gene editing in the global life sciences market, founded in July 2005 with more than 400 employees.

Address: WURZBACHGASSE 18 WIEN 1152 Austria

Toll Free: + 30 216 0003300



Nabriva Therapeutics is one of the best pharmaceutical companies in Austria committed to developing new antibiotics to treat infectious diseases.

Nabriva is a multinational company with locations in 3 different countries of the world..

Address: Leberstrasse 20 1110 Vienna Austria

Phone: +43 (0) 1 740 93-0



This is a multinational company with branches in different countries of the world. It is one of the largest privately owned and independent plasma fractionators in the world.

Their drugs are high in human proteins.

Address: Octapharma Handelsgesellschaft mbH Oberlaaer Straße 235 1100 Vienna

Phone: +43 610 321 220


The company’s lead candidate OQR100 (TYG100), jointly developed with TYG oncology Ltd. and Cancer Research UK, targeting pancreatic cancer and inducing neutralizing antibodies against gastrin,.

Address: A-1210 Vienna I Austria

Phone: +43 1 230

The flag of EOUCODIS

EUCODIS Bioscience offers high performance enzyme solutions for applications in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, fine chemical, food, feed and cosmetic industries.

Address: Campus Vienna Biocenter 2 Viehmarktgasse 2 a 1030 Vienna – Austria

Phone: +43 1-8900804

Email: office (at)

ever pharma

EVER Pharma is a fully integrated specialty pharmaceutical company focused on the research, development, production and marketing of products in the fields of neurology and specialty injections, spanning oncology, intensive care, and hormonal therapies.

Address: Oberburgau 3 4866 Unterach, Austria

Phone: +43 7665 20 5550

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