The best book you must read to learn German

The best book you must read to learn German

 What are the best books you can read?

Using a book is one of the best ways to start learning German. There is an abundance of books aimed at beginners, all of which make lofty claims.

Discover the best books to learn German for beginner, intermediate and even advanced learners!

How to learn German easily by reading books.

Discover the best audio books for learning German.

If you prefer to learn a language using books rather than learning it online or using apps, you will find the best books

Why read books to learn German?

Think of all your options for learning a new language like German. From chatting with native speakers via Skype to flipping through flashcards on your smartphone, the learning opportunities are endless, but few offer the advantages that reading does.

Reading German books helps simulate learning in class, because the book is interesting and we have a chance to discuss it with others.

Not to mention that many of these books come packed with learning materials (worksheets, grammar guides, flashcards) and CDs to improve your listening and pronunciation skills. Besides, the authors are experienced teachers and German speakers, allowing you to connect with people who live and breathe German every day.

The last reason to read German books is my favorite. Books are mobile! It’s not always reasonable (or safe) to take your laptop with you while traveling, so tossing a book in your backpack provides fun learning that you can pull on the plane, while in a restaurant. How do you choose the right German language books for you?

When was the last time you were at the library? What about browsing through Amazon? It doesn’t matter what kind of book you’re looking for, because sometimes it’s easier to close your eyes and pick up the first book your fingers touch. How do you choose among such a wide range of German books? Well, it’s a three-step approach.

Level: start with an internal assessment of your knowledge of the German language. Are you a beginner, intermediate or advanced learner? Some German books cater to all of these groups,.

Age: Next, think about your age. Some German books are designed only for children, with cartoon pictures and simpler learning procedures. on the other side

Goals: You should also compile a list of goals that you want to achieve by learning German through a book. Are you looking for fluency? Do you just need to go on your two-week trip to Berlin? Write these goals down to link them to the appropriate books.

Did you know that the best way to learn German is to read books? Fortunately, there are many books for learning German on the market today.

You can learn about the language and its origins which will help you to master it. So, to help you learn this interesting language,

We show you the best books to learn German

1- The complete German grammar book

: The Complete German Grammar, Premium 2nd Edition by Ed Sueck (Author)

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education

Second Edition

Number of pages: 288 on paperback

One of the best books to start with is Practice Makes Perfect. It is a complete guide to German grammar that can help you master the language in the easiest way possible.

The book is available in paperback form. Paperback gives you the option to take notes on paper. However, you can also purchase the Kindle version.

Adults can use it as one of the best books to learn German at home

In addition, inside there are a lot of different exercises that help you test your progress after each level. The policy is to repeat each one as often as possible until you have mastered it. Only then can you move forward.

That all the answers to each exercise are provided in the back. It is one of the best books for learning German and covers all the basics you need.

More info here

2- Learn German with stories: Cafà© in Berlin

Learn German with stories

Learn German with Stories: Café in Berlin – 10 Short Stories for Beginners (Dino lernt Deutsch – Simple German Short Stories for Beginners) (German Version) Paperback

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Author: Andre Klein

Edition: Bilingual Edition

Number of pages: 97

Café in Berlin (Andrei Klein)

A small collection of stories written especially for beginners in German. The best part is that it’s written for adults, so the stories are interactive and interesting, rather than having to delve into children’s books.

Dino, an Italian man who has just arrived in Berlin, is the protagonist of the series. His experiences are interesting and sometimes funny as in each book he moves to a different city, makes new friends, works odd jobs, and generally tries to learn the language and explore German culture.

Pronunciation guide for useful and highlighted words and phrases in each chapter, plus some comprehension questions.

Collects 10 short stories to improve engagement and keep people motivated.

Learn about the German country and its people by following interesting characters, such as a young man who just moved from Sicily to Berlin. The man encounters romances, strange living situations, and more. The book presents intriguing and controversial lines, leaving the reader wondering how he would approach his language and learn how to live in a new country without his family, friends, and familiar surroundings.

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3- German grammar for beginners

German Grammar for Beginners: The most complete textbook and workbook for learners of German

Written by May Daily German (Author)

Learn German grammar for beginners without difficulty with step-by-step lessons that focus on the basics and help you build a learning habit.

Each chapter has a grammar problem as its topic, it makes you listen to a tape, read some text and then complete some tasks before moving on to the next chapter. It’s very straightforward and perfect for anyone who just wants to write down the grammar and to learn how to talk to people at a time. later.

This seems to be his weak point somewhat, although he does get into some complicated stuff fairly quickly.

Doing this in writing is a piece of cake, but applying these lessons can be a lot more difficult than you think.

However, as a book to hone your German grammar skills, German Grammar for Beginners is definitely something worth considering.

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